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Local to Sarasota, FL:
Sarasota PC Users Group
Discount Computers Inc.

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Sarasota and the surrounding area are fortunate enough to have one of the oldest and strongest Personal Computer Users Groups in the nation.  For a nominal annual membership fee, SPCUG (Sarasota PC Users Group) offers free education in the form of SIGs (Special Interest Groups) and monthly presentations from computer-related companies and software vendors.  SIGs cover everything from basic computing to advanced software instruction.  Microsoft visits once or twice a year, along with companies such as Quicken, Adobe, Corel, and PowerQuest.  Most vendors offer discounts on products purchased at the presentations.  The PC Monitor, their award-winning monthly newsletter, is alone worth the cost of membership.  

Discount Computers Inc. is a local computer store that offers custom designed systems.  They've also been serving Sarasota and the surrounding area since 1989.  Custom designed means you get and pay for only what you need in a computer, not for extra bells and whistles you'll never use.  Owned and operated by Doug and Amelia Manning, Discount Computers offers very reliable products at a very reasonable price and they're my computer shop of choice.


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Links to other important sites...


Tax time is just around the corner and the IRS Website will be a popular Internet destination.  Current and prior year forms and publications can be viewed or downloaded from this site.  Be sure you have a current W-9 on file for all of your vendors!

Hoaxes and urban legends continue to flood our e-mail systems across the country and across the world.  There are several websites that address this problem and offer listings of these persistent falsehoods.  One of the many popular sites is The AFU & Urban Legends Archive, which categorizes hoaxes and legends by subject.  They also provide links to other similar sites.  No matter how believable the e-mail might appear, please check this or a comparable site before passing on the next "Urgent Virus Warning", "Human Rights Petition" or "5 cent Tax on E-Mail" message to everyone in your address book.


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